Yellowbird Education Book of the Month, July 2017

Letters from a Lighthouse, by Emma Carroll (Faber).  July 2017.

I read Emma Carroll’s first novel, Frost Hollow Hall, and loved it. It was clear then that she was destined for great things as a writer. This is a story set in World War II, but it isn’t just another ‘evacuation’ novel. It is great for background reading of the events of the time and it touches on some deep themes that are very relevant today. You find yourself drawn to the characters because they are so well-rounded and believable. This is a book with everything for the young imagination:  a mystery, the drama of war, evacuation to Devon and a lighthouse!  

I wouldn’t mind betting that this book becomes a rich source of texts for comprehensions of the future.  A modern classic and a great summer read for competent younger readers aged 8/9 -11.