Holiday workshops | Levels 7+, 8+, 11+
2- and 3-day courses | Fulham | 2018 dates coming soon...


We offer a range of English exam preparation workshops to help your child prepare for the 7+, 8+ and 11+ entrance exams:

  • Discursive Writing
  • English Exam Booster
  • Creative Writing
  • Comprehension & Composition
  • Interview Skills

Venue: Parsons Green Prep School, 1 Fulham Park Rd, Fulham SW6 4LJ

Groups are limited to 8 children. Please bring a packed lunch.

Fun facts and general knowledge are part of all our workshops.

Phone 020 7731 0695

How it works: Discursive Writing

Suitable for: Y6 children preparing for the 11+ exams and Y7 children preparing for Pre-tests

This workshop is aimed at improving children’s Discursive, Persuasive and Descriptive writing skills under timed conditions in preparation for independent school exams*.

Each day, one Discursive and one Descriptive writing topic will be covered in detail to ensure children understand how to answer these questions under exam conditions. Writing quickly, presenting an argument for and against the topic, and backing up your answers with your own evidence and experience. 

*Per North London Independent Girls' Schools' Consortium:
There are two compulsory short writing tasks of 20 minutes each, one requiring an imaginative response, and the other asking for a personal, discursive response to an issue related to the passage.

How it works: English Exam Booster

7+ and 8+ Workshop

Suitable for: Y2 or Y3 children preparing for independent school exams

Covered throughout the 3 days: structure, timing, grammar reminders (full stops, capital letters, paragraphs, connectives, similes, direct speech etc).

Day 1: Students will start by planning and writing a story. They will receive tips on planning, writing and reading it over. They will practise thinking of similes and cover other descriptive elements such as alliteration, onomatopoeia, etc. 

Day 2: The teacher will talk through the previous day’s story followed by a timed comprehension. The comprehension will then be discussed in detail with reminders of techniques for maximising marks.

Day 3: Students will start by writing a 20 minute piece of purely descriptive writing (not in a story format). Then the teacher will discuss a picture and what to look for in pictures.  Students will finish by writing about the picture under timed conditions.  

11+ Workshop

Suitable for: Y6 children preparing for the 11+ exams and Y7 children preparing for Pre-tests

Covered in this will be an ongoing grammar reminder, full stops, capital letters, paragraphs, connectives and indirect/direct speech.

Day 1: Students plan and write a timed (30 minute) creative writing piece. Students then read their stories and the teacher will discuss ways to improve using a marking tick sheet. They will review the best way to think up similes and metaphors and cover what examiners look for in their stories. Students then finish with a punctuation reminder session, especially in direct speech.

Day 2: Students start with a full timed comprehension paper written especially for the course. This will be followed by a timed writing piece. Boys will do a creative writing story and girls will do a discursive/persuasive piece. The teacher will then talk through the comprehension and answer questions on both story writing and discursive pieces.

Day 3: Students will be expected to write a book review (so they will need to have a book in mind before they arrive). This will be followed by a timed 15 min ‘Mini Comprehension’. They will then be required to write a piece of purely descriptive (timed) employing the 5 senses. The teacher will then talk both the comprehension and descriptive piece through with the students. 

How it works: Comprehension & Composition

7+ & 8+ Workshop suitable for: Y2 or Y3 children preparing for independent school exams
11+ Workshop suitable for: Y6 children preparing for the 11+ exams and Y7 children preparing for Pre-tests

These workshops are aimed at improving children’s Comprehension and Composition skills for 7+, 8+ and 11+ independent school exams.

We will be using the same workbooks used on the October Half-term workshop, so no repeat students please.

The sessions will consist of a variety of comprehensions, giving children the experience of different ways in which they may be tested. Composition and descriptive writing linking to the comprehension is covered.

Each child will work through a booklet containing two English papers that are produced by Yellowbird Education and are based on independent school school exams.

Children will first have a go at answering questions under timed conditions and then the teacher will carefully guide the children through each answer showing them how to answer exam questions correctly, giving them the best advantage possible.

The children will then be guided through the composition piece. Timing is crucial and children will be taught how they can work quickly through a paper. Exam techniques are key: watching the clock, strategies for finding the answer quickly, answering questions to gain the most marks in the given time are all covered.