Mock Exams

Sitting a mock exam reduces exam-day nerves and helps your child to understand what will be expected of them on the day of their exams. Your child will be reassured as we talk them through each stage of the exam day and allow them to ask questions.

Yellowbird Education hold mock exam practice sessions in English and Maths for 7 plus, 8 plus and 11 plus exams. Papers are set on the basis of current Independent School exam trends. They are marked and feedback is provided in areas that may need attention and revision advice is offered.

Mock exams are held in October, November, December and early January. They provide snapshots throughout the year of your child’s progress in the lead up to their actual exams. 


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How the session works

Our mock exams are run the same way as normal exams from registration to dismissal. The children will sit the exams with a short break in between. The first few mock exams are aimed to give each child confidence, they are set at the correct level for the time of the year, this means that papers are achievable and will not knock your child’s confidence. 

They will interact with new children and adults, as well as cope with unfamiliar places, sounds and distractions. We talk through the process with them to give them confidence to do well on the day.

Mock Exams in Fulham

Mock Exams in Battersea

Levels: 7+ / 8+ / 11+
Venue: Parsons Green Prep School, 1 Fulham Park Road, London SW6 4LJ
Time: 9.30am
Price: £148 per exam

Sun 8 Oct 2017
Sun 5 Nov 2017
Sun 3 Dec 2017
Tue 2 Jan 2018

Levels: 11+ only
Venue: St Luke's Church, 194 Ramsden Road, London SW12 8RQ
Time: 2.30pm
Price: £148 per exam

Sun 8 Oct 2017
Sun 5 Nov 2017
Sun 3 Dec 2017
Tue 2 Jan 2018

The Mocks calmed all of our nerves!

"The Mock exams gave us clarity in the areas where our daughter needed practice. We were able to confidently track her progress from June through to January, ensuring she was making the necessary improvements. The Mocks gave us excellent feedback and calmed all of our nerves!"


Incredibly useful.

"The mocks exams were incredibly useful and we now know which areas to concentrate on over the next two months. This has also helped us to know which schools we are aiming for."


He gained places in three schools.

"Your patience and support through the Mock exams helped our son to gain confidence and trust that he could succeed. He gained places in 3 different schools."