Intensive Holiday Workshops | Weekly Term Lessons
Suitable for primary school children aged 6 and up | Max 8 students per group
Cost of weekly lessons: £240-£360 (packs of 6 lessons available during term time)
Cost of workshop: £539 for Intensive Holiday Workshop



Yellowbird Education has joined up with Magic Link to bring this fantastic handwriting course to Fulham, Clapham, Wandsworth and Chiswick. The Magic Link programme changes writing from messy and illegible to neat and flowing cursive in 30 simple steps.

We offer intensive holiday workshops as well as weekly term lessons. Sessions involve direct work as well as demonstrations on follow-up exercises at home. Homework is set (5-10 mins per day) as regular practise is important in speeding up and achieving goals.  

Parents will be encouraged to reinforce exercises at home in order to achieve maximum potential as quickly as possible. Story writing strategies and comprehension tasks are given once the pupil has reached step 30, which is the final step. This will reinforce writing skills and focus on speed, spelling, presentation and the transfer of writing skills into other situations.


Weekly lessons are held at 4 different locations:

1) Yellowbird Education Office, Fulham Park house, 1A Chesilton Road, Fulham SW6 5AA
2) St. Barnabas Church, Clapham Common Northside, Clapham SW4 9SW
3) St Luke's Church, 194 Ramsden Road, Wandsworth SW12 8RQ
4) Southfield Primary School, Southfield Road, Bedford Park, London W4 1BD

Intensive Holiday Workshops are held at Parsons Green Prep School, 1 Fulham Park Road, Fulham SW6 4LJ and are for Ages 8 and up.

How it works

First-time students will need to purchase workbooks and six lessons to begin with. You will then have the option to purchase more lessons as needed. 12 lessons are recommended.  (No-shows will still be charged for the missed lesson.) Weekly lessons are for ages 6 and up. Children can join at any time throughout the term.

Mondays (Fulham)
5-6pm | Yellowbird Office

Tuesdays (Fulham)
5-6pm | Yellowbird Office

Wednesdays (Clapham & Chiswick)
Clapham: 5-6pm | St Barnabas Church
Chiswick: 4.30pm-5.30pm | Southfield Primary School

Thursdays (Fulham)
5-6pm | Yellowbird Office

Saturdays (Fulham)
Session 1: 9.30am-10.30am | Yellowbird Office
Session 2: 10.35am-11.35am | Yellowbird Office

Saturdays (Wandsworth)
10.00am-11.00am | St Luke's Church

Autumn 2019 term: Starts 7th September, half term 19 Oct- 3 Nov, Last lesson 7th December

5-day Holiday Intensive Workshops (ages 8 and up), 10am-12.30pm: 15-19 July 2019, 19-23 August 2019, 21-25 October 2019, 28 Oct-1 Nov, 16-20 December 2019. We welcome children who are 6 and 7, but they may not complete the programme over one week.

"Booking the handwriting course is the best thing I've ever done for my son. I did not know that he would benefit from the course as much as he has done. The more he writes, the neater his writing becomes!"


"Magic Link Handwriting has absolutely transformed my children’s handwriting. The programme is exceptional; easy to follow and methodical. I have seen outstanding progress in the legibility of my pupils’ writing and their confidence continues to grow as the programme develops. I love the way it ties spelling patterns and word families into each step and I would recommend this to any teacher of any age. Thank you for developing a programme which has unlocked my children’s ability to get their ideas on the page in an easy and speedy way."


This program has worked fantastically.

"For years our son suffered with poor handwriting, and looking back, his school didn’t know how to deal with it. He recently moved to secondary school and he was becoming more anxious, concerned that teachers/examiners wouldn’t be able to read his work. The Magic Link handwriting system has completely transformed his handwriting. Starting with the basics of how to properly hold a pencil/pen (our son is left handed) all the way through to how to produce neat, joined-up writing, this program has worked fantastically for us."