Story Writing for Exams

Story writing for exams.

Story writing comes with practise, so the more you write the easier it becomes to think of ideas. The difficult bit is coming up with those ideas –especially in a short space of time.

Use your own experiences and bits of other stories. It’s OK to borrow ideas as long as you change them a bit:

1. Make a plan – especially the first and last paragraphs.
2. Always finish.
3. Keep it neat.
4. Have 5 – 10 power words in your head that you know will impress and that you can spell.
5. Don’t lose marks for careless grammar and punctuation.
6. Balance the story in 5 paragraphs.
7. Stick to the title. Don’t make too much happen, but keep the story interesting with similes, senses and descriptions.

A story should flow with each paragraph leading to the next.

That’s it, piece of cake really...

VA Richardson

Yellowbird Education