The Interview: A valuable tool for leading Heads

Prepared for FamiliesNorth Magazine – June 2019

Growing numbers of children and too few places has generated fierce competition for top independent school places in the Capital.  The number of children registering to sit grueling entrance exams has grown to such levels that parents and children are required to be meticulous in their preparation. 

It is perhaps this combination that presents a fresh ‘selection’ challenge to Head teachers of London’s top schools…how to accurately identify and subsequently choose “best fit” children? For many, the interview has become the most effective tool for aiding this selection process enabling them to see beyond the prepared often formulaic answers associated with excessive tutoring.

The interview structure frequently comprises both individual and group scenarios incorporating problem-solving tasks that provide the opportunity to demonstrate ‘individual creativity’ and the ability to ‘think outside of the box’ - something not showcased effectively through the written test.  Every school has a unique ethos and it is the role of a successful Head to carefully select the right children to uphold and contribute towards maintaining it.

Yellowbird Education have long recognized that preparation must extend to this subjective interview element of the admissions process.  But groundwork does not involve telling your child ‘what’ to say (defeating the very purpose of this step), but ensuring a child is comfortable and confident in unfamiliar interview situations and has strategies to fall back on.

Their experienced team work alongside a group of Head teachers to offer accurate Mock Exams and Interview Practice to equip children with valuable skills and techniques with which to succeed within competitive school admissions.


Yellowbird Education