A Creative Approach to Exam Preparation

Prepared for London Life Magazines – April 2019 Issue

Competition for limited places at top London schools has led to tutoring becoming the acceptable norm with families often choosing to supplement expensive education to secure their child a school place.

Many recognise such harmful pressure on children is not sustainable and thus welcomed the well documented ‘creative assessment’ introduced by the London 11+ Consortium earlier this year.  The logic behind the new innovative testing is to avoid children being taught restrictive exam techniques and instead allows them to obtain a clear well rounded picture of a child’s academic potential rather than their ability to obtain knowledge.

Yellowbird Education have long identified the need to introduce creativity into school admission processes. Their hugely popular holiday workshops are carefully designed with a fun but educational approach acknowledging that exam preparation needs to adapt to both encourage and inspire children to think creatively during assessments.  

During lengthy school holidays, Yellowbird offers small group workshops for children of all abilities that are interactive and forward thinking.  Their innovative fresh approach equips children with key skills whilst building vital confidence to think differently.  As such, creative writing becomes an enjoyable lifelong skill rather than a means to passing grueling exams – a valuable asset on any educational journey.  Exam practice is vital, but if structured well, can be a fun and dynamic exercise allowing children to learn whilst making new friends.

So whilst admissions processes are undoubtedly changing, exam preparation in all it’s many guises still has a role to play ensuring children have the creative skills with which to shine!

Yellowbird education – Holiday Workshops 

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