Relocation to London

Finding a suitable nursery or school and then competing for a place can be a stressful experience for parents and children, especially when combined with additional pressures such as moving home or starting a new job. We understand the pressures and importance placed on finding the right school.

Most British schools require children to sit an assessment before entry. Academic assessments for children aged 4-16 can take place in your child’s current school or in London to establish your child’s level. Guidance is given on how to prepare your child for the entrance exams. 

British independent schools require children to speak English to a certain level. We can support you through an English assessment to identify the best school options. We work with a range of British, American and international schools to ensure you have a choice of different schooling systems.

We can recommend property search companies to help with your house search needs. We work with tutoring companies to ensure your child is ready for the school year ahead. 

Your child's education and contentment is our top priority. We work closely with you throughout the school search process, providing support and guidance from start to finish.


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Yellowbird Education really took the stress out of moving to a new city.

“Janie and Yellowbird Education really took the stress out of moving to a new city. We were completely ignorant of the education system in the UK, and more specifically, the hothouse of London schooling. Janie's contacts into all of London's top schools meant we were able to quickly establish a shortlist of schools within the areas we were hoping to live. She managed all the communication with the schools and was able to clearly articulate the key differences between each school. Janie arranged for us to tour the schools on our shortlist and organised for our girls to undergo the necessary testing before they were offered places. Ultimately, we were offered places at multiple schools. Janie was able to illicit feedback from some parents whose children were from these schools in order for us to make our final decision. We were extremely happy with the service from Janie and Yellowbird Education and would not hesitate to recommend it to other parents.  Janie is extremely knowledgeable and highly professional. Trying to tackle the process of finding school places without her support would have been very stressful.”



Janie's primary focus is to increase the children's level of confidence.

“When our family moved to London, we decided to switch our children from the French educational system to the English one. The English system is competitive early on and quite complex to understand. Janie provided us with useful guidance on our options and what it would take to get into good schools. What we most valued, whether through the interview practice or mock tests, is that Janie's primary focus was to increase the children’s level of confidence and bring positive perspectives on the challenges ahead. This was no doubt a moral booster in what can be, at times, a very daunting journey.”



We found relief and confidence with Yellowbird Education.

“In the midst of all the chaos and complexity surrounding an international relocation, we found relief and confidence working with Yellowbird Education. Thanks to their experienced and knowledgeable education consultant, we were able to quickly identify the most appropriate school for our daughters. Couldn't imagine going through this process without Janie's guidance and insight!”