Planning Ahead

Having a new baby can be the most exciting time of your life. Planning for nursery and school entry may be the last thing on your mind. 

We can save you time by helping you with an educational plan to map out your child’s nursery and schooling needs. In certain London nurseries and school registrations may be required on the day of birth or soon after. We can support you through this precious time with registrations and applications delivered to the school office, ensuring your child has the best possible start in their educational life. 


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Yellowbird kept us on track.

“With the help of Yellowbird we have been able to map out an educational plan for our three children. Yellowbird Education has supported us throughout the past 18 months with nursery applications, prep school applications and now secondary school applications. Yellowbird diarised our school visits, completed registrations and basically keep us on track at this busy time of our lives. ”


We were well prepared.

“We had no idea that some nurseries and schools needed registrations for places at birth. We were so pleased we had contacted Yellowbird Education to talk through the process before our son was born. We were well prepared with application forms and visits before the sleepless nights set in! Thank you.”


We can now relax for a couple of years.

“The team at Yellowbird were able to give us a complete list of nurseries and schools to visit and register at as soon as our baby was born. We felt well prepared and pleased we completed applications before life became too hectic. We can now relax for a couple of years. ” 


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