Yellowbird Education Book of the Month, January 2019

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My Parents are Driving Me Crazy, by Pete Johnson.


This is a very funny book and perfect for encouraging reluctant 10 year-old-readers. However, underneath the humour there is subtle emotion and poignancy that most parents will tap into. 

In Louis’ family, his mum and dad have just changed roles. His dad has lost his job and is now staying at home while his is mum working. Unfortunately, his dad is a hopeless cook, lazy, a post-it-note fiend and, worse, he even expects Louis and his brother to tidy their own room (bring back mum!). Louis decides enough is enough. His Dad has to go (back to work, I mean, nothing sinister). But how to do it? Then Louis discovers that his dad can do his homework... 

This book has some very funny moments and some gross ones. However, there’s a strong sense of being a real family with real problems to solve in the awkward way most parents of early teens will recognise. In fact, I think the parents emerge as the most believable characters in the book and this gives it a certain understated charm. Better still, it makes it fun to read aloud – it’s even good enough to keep our reluctant-reader of a son asking for more. 

Praise for other titles in the series: 
"Pete Johnson is a hilarious writer." Mail on Sunday 
”In Louis, Pete Johnson has created a boy who makes you laugh out loud." The Sunday Times 
"Funny and light, Pete Johnson’s humour disguises real emotion truth and depth … it offers some very funny and pertinent home truths for parents too." The Guardian 
"Pete Johnson is a wonderful storyteller." Evening Standard.


Ideal for 9-11 year olds. Boys will love it. We give this a Yellowbird rating of 4.5/5.

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