Competing for a place at a selective school can be a daunting and stressful experience for parents and children. Yellowbird Education works in close partnership with Janie Richardson School Search and Placement to find the most suitable nursery or school for your child.

Each school search is bespoke and completely confidential. We will investigate and present a wide variety of educational options, covering city and country-based schools, day and boarding schools, single sex and co-educational schools.

Janie Richardson School Search and Placement provides parents and children with a range of education options to fit individual circumstances and needs, both educational and financial. 

    Our trusted and expert service is provided to families who already live in the UK and need some extra guidance that their school may not be able to provide. We also helps families who are moving to the UK from abroad. 

    Our promise to you:

    • Our work for you will be bespoke and tailor-made to your personal needs
    • We will always be available to you when you need us
    • We will provide clear, unbiased advice
    • Our service is completely confidential
    • We will be honest and clear about costs and fees
    • Our work will always be in the best interest of your child and your family

    How your school search works

    Step 1: Understanding your needs
    Janie will take stock of your children’s educational needs and overall family requirements. This can be done in person, via phone, Skype or email.

    Step 2: Providing an overview
    Janie will take as much time as needed to guide you through the British schooling system, explaining how it really works. She will look carefully at entry points and will map where your children are best placed at each stage and age. School needs are often analysed in reverse to ensure the right school path is achieved from the outset. 

    Step 3: Detailed list of schools
    Janie will then provide a detailed list of schools for your child. This is devised to match your requirements. She can also collaborate with a property search service to ensure property budgets are in-line with areas of the suggested schools. 

    Step 4: School visits
    If you are visiting the UK in advance, Janie can arrange school visits and assessment dates. She can also liaise with the child’s current school if assessments need to be completed remotely. Where possible, school visits will be planned to coincide with housing visits. Janie can join you on any school tours as required. 

    Step 5: Assessments
    You can opt for your child to undergo assessments in order to understand their potential and maximise the likelihood of them getting into the best-fit school. 

    Step 6: Admissions & registration
    Janie will provide support with admissions forms, registration fees and entry requirements, liaising with admissions. Email and telephone support is ongoing throughout the school search process. 

    Step 7: Post-placement support
    If needed, Janie can provide advice and information about uniforms, the curriculum, and the school year.

    Step 8: Mentoring and guardianship
    Guidance and mentoring can be arranged throughout your child’s stay in Britain. Guardianship can also be arranged.

    Accreditations & Partnerships

    The most reliable consultant in London!

    “Janie is the smartest and most reliable educational consultant in London. She provided us with helpful advice about the education system and how it works. Janie found the best school for my son in Central London. I have deeply appreciated all the time she has spent with me.”


    There is nobody better.

    “We started looking at schools when our daughter was 7 months old. Janie is highly organised, professional and extremely knowledgable about child education. There is nobody better. She is exceptional and I would recommend her to my friends and clients.” 


    Incredibly dedicated in her approach.

    “London’s education system can be extremely confusing. Knowledge of the system is key to understanding where your children are best placed. Janie is incredibly dedicated in her approach and her knowledge of the local school system is absolute. We highly recommend this service to all parents who need assistance or advice on how to approach and understand the UK education system.”