The aim of our Mock Exams is to build children’s confidence that they are able to succeed in the run up to their actual exams. Encouraging children to ask questions in a group situation enables them to benefit from greater understanding and reassurance that they know what to expect – the fear attached to the “unknown” cannot be underestimated in children at this young age.

Parents too are using these mock exams as a chance to gain a snapshot of their child’s progress throughout the year. Each marked exam comes with detailed feedback for them to obtain a picture of where attention and revision advice is required and more importantly which schools to aim for.

We offer Maths and English Mock Exams (7+, 8+ and 11+) and recently added Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning Mock Exams (11+). Please note 10+ mock exams are available on request. Please click to request.

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"The mock exams were incredibly useful and we now know which areas to concentrate on over the next two months. This has also helped us to know which schools to aim for."


7+ Maths/English Mock Exams

8+ Maths/English Mock Exams

11+ Maths/English Mock Exams

11+ Reasoning Mock Exams