Understanding The British Education System

The British education system is complicated. There are many choices: but which nursery, which school and at what age is right for your child? You may ask yourself questions such as:

  • When do I need to register my child?
  • How many schools do I register my child for?
  • When do I visit schools?
  • What should I be looking for?
  • What do I need to do to prepare my child for entry?
  • If my child is not happy at their current school, what should I do and what are my options?
  • Will my child get in to my preferred school?
  • What is the 4+, 7+, 8+, 11+ and 13+?

We offer consultations and support to enable you to plan ahead. Your child may enter nursery at 2 or 3, then school at 4, move schools at 7 or 8, then again at 11 or 13, depending on if they are a girl or a boy, day or boarding. Nothing is more confusing than the British school system.

Looking ahead: when your child is young this can seem distant and difficult. We will help you make the decisions from the start that set you on the right school path. It is important  to gain a clear picture of the choices available so the right moves are based on informed decisions for you and your family. 

We can help to demystify the British educational system through a personal consultation, providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions. Thinking ahead will lead to the right school and residential choices and this is very important in London.  

Having established the right schools, Yellowbird Education offers the option to take our services further by helping with forms, letters and applications to ensure you present your child with the best possible chance of gaining a place in your preferred school.

You gave us the confidence to make appropriate decisions.

"Thank you very much for working with our family to achieve an amazing result. When we first moved to London from the United States it was a challenge to understand the system and be able to assess our child’s place within it. It was clear that it’s not enough to go for the ‘best’ school, but a school that is a good match for the child’s potential and character. The first assessment gave us what we were looking for – a fantastic insight into our child’s strengths and weaknesses – the discussion afterwards put things in a much clearer perspective and gave us the confidence to make appropriate decisions. The continued support through the next year, thoroughness and wisdom, became essential to any decisions we made, whether it was selecting a tutor or corresponding with the school. We loved the creative writing sessions, chess, mock exams and interview preparation your company offers. We found all instrumental in making our boy’s talent shine." 



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