Autumn Term 2018, Saturday 10.35am (Fulham), Session 2, all ages


Autumn Term 2018, Saturday 10.35am (Fulham), Session 2, all ages

from 240.00

This listing is for six lessons.

Children can join at any time. Sessions are suitable for ages 6 years old and upwards. Lessons can be purchased in blocks of six. 12 lessons are recommended.

2018 Term Dates

Spring Term: Start week beginning January 8th, half term (no lessons) week of 12th February, last lesson Saturday 24th March

Summer term: Start week beginning 23rd April, half term Monday 28th May, last lesson week of 2nd July

Autumn term: Starts 8th September, half term 19th October to 2nd November, Last lesson 15th December

Time and venue

Lessons are held at various venues and times. Please check details here before booking.

Yellowbird Education has joined up with Magic Link to bring this fantastic handwriting course to Clapham. The Magic Link programme changes writing from messy and illegible to neat and flowing in 30 simple steps.

Magic Link Workbooks:
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