Comprehension and Composition Workshops

These workshops are aimed at improving children’s Comprehension and Composition skills for 7+ (for current Year 2 children), 8+ (for current Year 3 children) and 11+ (for current Year 6 children) independent school exams. 

Dates and times

Mon 16 Oct to Fri 20 Oct, 9am-10.30am: 7+ Comprehension, £250
Mon 16 Oct to Fri 20 Oct, 10.30am-12pm: 8+ Comprehension, £250

Mon 23 Oct to Fri 27 Oct 2017, 10.00am - 2.00pm: 7+, 8+, 11+ Comprehension, £420

Please bring a packed lunch.

Workshops held at Parsons Green Prep School, 1 Fulham Park Road, Fulham, London SW6 4LJ


Contact us

t +44 (0)20 7731 0695
m +44 (0)7912 610366

Who can attend?

7+ and 8+ Workshops: Children currently in Year 2 or Year 3 preparing for independent school exams.
11+ Workshops: Children in Year 6 who are preparing for the 11+ exams and children preparing for Pre-tests. 

What is covered?

The children will be taken in small groups of 6. Each child will work through a booklet containing five English papers that are produced by Yellowbird Education and are based on independent school school exams. Children will first have a go at answering questions and then the teacher will carefully guide the children through each answer showing them how to answer exam questions correctly, giving them the best advantage possible. The children will then be guided through the composition piece. Timing is crucial and children will be taught how they can work quickly through a paper. Exam techniques are key: watching the clock, strategies for finding the answer quickly, answering questions to gain the most marks in the given time are all covered.

The week will consist of a variety of comprehensions, giving children the experience of different ways in which they may be tested. Composition and descriptive writing linking to the comprehension is covered.

Fun facts and general knowledge are part of all our workshops. Groups are limited to 6 children.

Workshop price: £250 (Oct 16-20), £420 (Oct 23-27) per child